Saturday, June 14, 2008

Vacation part 1

Oh Frank! A Vacation!
Look at how handsome you are in your little traveling house at the airport!

Well, Frank was VERY excited to find that last week it was finally time for his summer vacation!
Frank loves to travel. We started flying with him when he was only a few months old and he was pleased to discover, when he emerged from his Sherpa (the not very cheap travel case you see above), that his grandmother was waiting at the airport with some rather delicious treats and a new toy. He is now delighted whenever his travel house comes out of the closet and immediately gathers up gentle pig from wherever he may have last been played with, and jumps right in.

Now, technically you are supposed to keep the travel house zipped up from the time you enter the airport until you exit the destination airport at the other end.

We do not enjoy this rule.

Oh Frank! You do RATHER enjoy overseeing the goings on at the airport.

And really, does anyone mind seeing such a demure and handsome snout poking out from under the seat?

I am pleased to announce that we arrived in one piece, and Frank was not disappointed when we got to his vacation home....

OH Frank! Whatever might there be in that bag???

Oh MY! The bird collection has expanded again! What a lucky pug you are!

I am yet again assured that the quail pictured above is NOT indigenous to the Pacific Northwest.

Once Frank had finished playing with the new quail he moved on to visit his adopted cousin Cera (short for Triceratops)...
Frank was a wee bit jealous because when we arrived it was Cera's dinner time...

OH my! What a juicy mealy worm you have there Cera!

It was very hard for Frank to contain himself and to stay out of Cera's pen, no matter how much we assured him that he would not enjoy a fat juicy mealy worm (ps, these ones bite! Ouch!)

Sad though he was, the real excitement was yet to arrive in the form of Frank's adored cousin, Gusaroo! Gusaroo was scheduled to arrive 2 days after us, and if Frank had only known he would not at all have been able to contain his joy.

Below you can see the love and adoration in Frank's eye as he gazes lovingly at Gus last summer. Alas, Gusaroo is not always as eager about his wee one eyed cousin.

You might be rather eager to tune in for part 2 when the real Gusaroo excitement begins!
Oh Frank! What delightful times were had!

To be continued....

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