Saturday, May 7, 2016

Frank's New Halo!

Sigh. So, despite MUCH fantastic care, the inevitable has occurred: Frank the One Eyed Pug is now also Frank the One Eyed Mostly Blind (though obviously still just as handsome, perhaps more so with his debonair grey "hairs of experience") Pug.
It may surprise some of you that Frank, as angelic as he is, does not walk around with his very own halo!
In an effort to keep him from bonking over enthusiastically into walls (eeep! Have we all been keeping up with the NFL and head injuries?!?) when excited, poking his eyeball on sharp objects which he does not see coming, and to give him a wee bit more confidence in moving about, I have purchased him a delightful Muffin's Halo Guide for Blind Dogs!
Oh Frank! Delightful!
(That charming long nosed creature pictured with Frank and Bean is Scout! Frank is VERY smitten with her, and yet can rarely find or catch the dashing lady.)
He can both eat and drink with the halo on, as pictured here responsibly drinking his pug appropriate water...

aaaaaaannnd here...
...being lured by an overly enthusiastic friend towards an inappropriate pug drink...
Fear not! He did not get any wine (though it was delicious, thank you Lucy Weber)!
OH Frank! Who is so fashionable and safe!!!
(Please note - if you are a pug owner needing a halo, you may want to order a size up - we tried a small but Frank's chest was just to burley! We ended up with a medium which is great!)


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