Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Fall has arrived! 
Even here in the Pacific Northwest where the leaves can be a little soggy, we have started to wake up to that crispy smell in the air. And what better way to celebrate than to go for a delightful morning stroll?!
Frank. I see you specifically NOT making one eyed eye contact...
Frank does not enjoy a cool morning, but Frank! There is no need to fear the brisk morning air! The trick, of course, is to appropriately prepare and accessorize!
First, we add our cozy muumuu!
We love the muumuu hoodie ever so much because of its snuggly, warm nature, however we DO occasionally fear offending the fashion gods due to the black and brown contrast conundrum.
Next, we warm up our favorite pug heating pad and tuck in snugly into the stroller.
 (Frank only walks half way due do a bit of arthritis in his mature and well used elbow.)
Finally, add one pug and a small dose of sunshine and voilà!
A fine recipe for a perfect fall stroll!
Oh, and yes Bean was along for the walk, but he trots alongside in a rather more dog like manner. He likes to believe that he is rather low maintenance... For a pug.

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