Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Photo Shoot

Whew. Well, it turns out that staging a pug photo shoot takes a rather lot of time... even when the subjects are so very naturally handsome.

Pugs and Kisses started out as a plan to send some smooches via Frank and Bean! 

We tried several pairs of lips and, well, we were advised against this design choice...

Oh, Bean. You do look somewhat startled there.

After much contemplation and far too much time (crafts are hard for some people folks!) we came up with a different kiss idea!

Here we see Bean featured in a tiny kiss prototype.
Oh Bean! Your eyes look quite wide in that wee kiss!

An appropriate backdrop then had to be arranged....
 Oh, Frank & Bean! Pink may just very well be your color!

Followed by the adjusting and re-cutting of head holes...
not too big, not too small, and definitely, as Frank illustrates below, not too uneven.
(I am sad to report that tiny kiss made a rapid decline during the head hole process and had to be replaced by a new and improved larger kiss.)

Positioning on the head came next which, with the significant amount of skin given to a pug wrinkle, is NO easy feat ... to far forward and they would fall off... to far back and, well:
 Oh Frank! Let's try not to pop out your only remaining eyeball!

Positioning and trying to face the camera had to be practiced (with the help of many, many treats)...
Frank! Look up! UP! Look at Bean, he is doing an exceptional job... except that he has knocked his new giant kiss askew... sigh.
Then, of course, everyone had to try on each outfit several times....

Frank as a kiss?

Maybe Bean as a kiss??

How ever is it possible to make choices when faced with so much handsome adorableness?

Finally, after much deliberation, and MUCH time spent trying to hold still, we decided upon one of the many options full of warm pug delight.

Oh Frank and Bean.!
You are lovely Valentines indeed.

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