Sunday, January 11, 2015

The 12th Pug!

Fear not readers! The title of the blog does not mean that Frank & Bean have gained 10 brothers and sisters, but rather that they have embraced the enthusiasm of their adopted hometown for their football team. It seems that here in the Pacific Northwest, the fans call themselves the twelfth man (which it must be said we find a little bit odd and silly, though I am assured that the noise made in the stadium by the fans does actually help to distract the opposing team... we remain skeptical). Never the less, the pugs have found several reasons to embrace this strange human past time:
1) There are more often than not many warm laps on which to make themselves comfortable during football viewing. Though it must be said that they have found themselves dumped on the floor more than once when one of the owners of a lap has jumped up in an enthusiastic cheer forgetting that there was someone small and handsome in their lap. In addition, at least one person is usually under a blanket taking a snooze for part of the game because MY  those announcers do drone on.
2) Snacks! Football seems to often be accompanied by food, which is often on a coffee table or some such other easily accessible location.
AND always fashion forward.....
3)!! Just LOOK how handsome and official they look in their wee pug jerseys which arrived from

Oh Frank and Bean! Such festive stylish and supportive fans you are!

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