Sunday, August 18, 2013


OH Frank! What is that you say? It was your birthday on August 18th?
OH, what a debonair middle aged pug you are becoming!
Frank's birthday was a delight as it included a visit from Grandma and Grandpa, complete with gifts and treats, of course! This year's gift was Birthday Raccoon, which was very popular with the pup...
Oh Frank! So very soft and supple for tugging on!
However, I believe Frank enjoys Birthday Raccoon for another reason...
Oh. Frank. Your new fried also forgets to put his tongue inside!
The only sad news about Frank's birthday was that Grandma and Grandpa left on it, and not only did they leave, but their flight coincided with low tide!! NO!!!
The beach we go to has exposed sand bars at low tide, and Frank knows that he can RUUUUUUUUNNNNN, and bob and weave to his little heart's content without fear of hitting any obstacles - delight! However, when this tide is just a little bit high the beach is rocky and full of barnacles and not terribly great, and so, sadly, there would be no birthday visit to the doggie beach for Frank.
Frank did not greet this news with joy in his heart...
Seeing the sadness welling up in such a handsome pug's eye can be quite unbearable, as you can imagine. In fact, it is so much so that our new friend who had come by for a visit suggested that we try a beach that he knew of down south where, he informed us, there is always a beach with exposed sand and low water levels reaching far, FAR out where Bean could fetch his ball in the water!
Oh FRANK! Doesn't that sound nice!
As you can see, Frank was rather dubious.
Upon arrival however...
OH the JOY!!!!!
Such frolicking ensued!
BEAN! You are such a water hound! They may have to change your official category in the AKC from the Toy Group to the Sporting Group!!
Now, Frank and Bean, who are the luckiest pugs about?! (Though actually they do look rather pouty in this photo...)
And, the birthday didn't end there!
Another fine feature of "down south" is this delicious buffalo take-out:
Let me just zoom in on that sign that you might not be able to read there on the front door...
Um. Yes. Frank and Bean were beside themselves with this news.

And, post bath bliss...



Oh Frank! Delicious!
 I believe Frank had quite the successful birthday indeed. Let's recap, shall we? Grandma and Grandpa, Birthday Raccoon, a long, long frolic on the beach, a mini road trip to buffalo take out, and a delicious raw bison bone! What do you think Frank? Pretty good?
Oh Frank. I shall take that as a yes.

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