Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Made in China?

This weekend was a very exciting time for Frank as he helped us put together a new grill! (Or rather what Frank believes to be a delicious salmon making factory.) 

As the assembly was winding down I noticed that Frank had picked up an accessory...

Oh Frank! What have you got there on your small and handsome backside?

Upon closer inspection:

Oh FRANK! You found your very own quality control sticker! I read this sticker to mean:
Passed, Made in China,  Quite Charming 2005 Version
Frank was INDEED born in 2005 and this from the AKC (American Kennel Club) website:

"The truth of how the Pug came into existence is shrouded in mystery, but he has been true to his breed down through the ages since before 400 B.C... China is the earliest known source for the breed, where he was the pet of the Buddhist monasteries in Tibet..."

Now, normally Frank and I are not large fans of Chinese manufacturing, however, in Frank's case I must concede that they have turned out QUITE a quality product!

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