Thursday, July 28, 2011

Broken PuG!

....AAAAAND 20 days later here we are. Well, it has been an eventful time. Most notably because of this:

Yep. Bean seems to have broken his wee paw somehow on a dog park adventure. We aren't sure if he got stepped on or simply ran too hard, but the Bean is on rest for 6-8 weeks and is DISpleased. Though, perhaps not as displeased as Frank and I as we have been WAITING AND WAITING AND WAITING for the sun to come out so that we could all go to the doggie beach. It didn't seem so sad the first week because it was raining... though I do think that Bean was rather less than delighted:

Bean! What Christmasy rain gear you have! In July.

But for the last 3 days the sun has been out and it has been beautiful. SAD. Well, at least we got to go swimming last year. Please allow me to invite you down memory row with Bean since he won't be going this year:

Bean! Such a fine young swimmer. We had such hopes that this year you would learn to turn about in the water rather than swimming out to sea with your frantic parents diving in after you due to your inability to conquer the finer points of physics.... Oh well, there's time to learn next year I suppose...

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