Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Trip to Costco

Frank's grandmother and grandfather were in town this weekend, and our final adventure included a trip to Costco to stock up on some supplies. Now, the pugs are always eager when any bag makes its way through the door believing, often accurately, that there might be a treat included for them. However, I do not believe they could have anticipated their own joy upon discovering what was included in this trip along with the 12 rolls of paper towels (used for many pugs induced situations) and 30 rolls of toilet paper (which have nothing to do with the pugs with the exception of the times when it hangs too low and Bean eats it).

That's right! 25 tasty pig ears!!! Yum YUM!!!

Oh Frank! What a big tongue you have there....

Bean couldn't even keep his tail straight he was so taken with figuring out how to ingest his new treat! (I'm pretty sure that were Bean a person there would be no walking and chewing gum for this little fellow...)

Oh Frank. Delicious!

Hazard warning!: Dear readers, if you choose to give your small pup a pig's ear, please make sure to take it away before it reaches a size, usually much too big, that they can swallow whole!!!

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