Friday, September 10, 2010

Vacation #4

Ah! There is Frank! Frolicking along a grassy path! And where, the pugs were so eager to learn, did the path finally end?

I do not believe that I would be exaggerating should I say that a wee bit of euphoria was felt by all when the first beach was spotted. Frank is well acquainted with a wide open beach, but for Bean this was a first.
Here is how the next 45 minutes went:

Oh, what tired and sandy pugs there were when we finally got back to the car! And, in watching the delight with which Frank chased and ran with The Bean I was completely assured for first time ever that a seeing eye puppy was in fact a good idea.


Puglette said...

a romp on the beach is great fun! i was catching up on yesterday's post while having two pugs on my lap. while scrolling past bean's cute little mug, my pug dodger growled and started backing up. i think bean's photo was too challenging for poor dodger, he is quite a wimp.
have fun!

Itty Bitty Mama said...

Alita and I enjoyed officially meeting "Frank and Bean's Mama" yesterday! Be well, Jennifer