Saturday, June 5, 2010

But What Do You MEAN???

I'm not invited?

Oh, such forlornness...

Frank was rather displeased when he saw the suitcase come out without the accompaniment of this travel house. Bean is of course too young to know what this means. Frank's dad and I are off for a week in lake country in Minnesota! To be quite fair, the pugs were in fact invited by the grandparents Herriott, but the resort was not as inviting. Very sad. Who doesn't feel that their vacation would be enhanced by the appearance of one very handsome and one very mischievous pug? Surely I cannot imagine anyone feeling otherwise!

So, this was the scene for about an hour:
Stoic ignoring, with a guilty look thrown in every 5 minutes or so.
Fear not Frank, you and Bean will be well cared for in our absence by the delightful pug sitter, and we will be home before you know it!

1 comment:

Puglette said...

oh what guilt inducing looks! poor frank, i am sure you will get a lovely souvenier when you folks return. and yes, my vacation would be improved by two pugs!
have fun!