Sunday, May 3, 2009


Oh Frank! Who is that you have with you there?

What we see here is a very calm and collected pair of relaxing pups. Frank's friend Osa Penny came and stayed with us while her parents were on their Honeymoon, and Frank thought that perhaps he was on a Honeymoon of his own.

Relaxation mode happened for approximately 5 minutes each day that Osa was here... the rest of the time went pretty much like this:

and like this:
and like this:

They played so hard that by 5 o'clock each night they were completely passed out.
(This was taken from my iphone while in bed... not the best picture, but that little black shadow in the green is indeed a one eyed pug...)

Oh Frank! What a delightful thing it is to have a friend. Perhaps it might be time to consider finding you a permanent buddy???


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Anonymous said...

Such joy for Frank!!! The photos are so wonderful. :-)

Kisses on the lips for Frank...

Puglette said...

frank, you are such a wonderful host. a rousing game of bitey face is such fun.