Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lack of Sleep

A colleague asked me the other day whether I had been sleeping well; apparently I was looking a bit tired - never an observation that leaves one feeling dashing. While it is true that there is quite a lot on my mind right now, I am sad to say that the fault of my ragged appearance and tired eyes may lie, at least a wee bit, with someone else....

Oh Frank. I am sad to report that these are some of his lighter snores.

I suppose it would be wise to kick him out of the bed, but really, whose going to disturb this?:

Oh Frank, if only we all could feel so warm and secure!


Puglette said...

oh, frank! you have a lovely snore. i have three snorers in my bed every night. two are snuggly little pugs such as yourself. then there is the biggest offender, hubby. he snores so loudly that it drowns out the pugs! and yes, we should toss the noisy dogs off the bed, but they are so cute and would be an impossible task!

oh...we will be at the seattle kennel club dog show this weekend! charlie is in the agility trials!

Anonymous said...

The snoring is divine, oh Frank, cutest pug in the Universe... I would NEVER move you from your cozy bed......

A smack on the lips for you ~
llove from your fan, Daureen