Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Once upon a time there was a small pug puppy for sale. The "breeder" to whom he belonged told his people to be that he had a "small scratch" upon his right eye. Seeing as how the people didn't want to show Frank, and, as any veteran pug owner will recognize, they replied naively "No problem!" Upon arriving at the "breeder's" home, Frank's people saw that in fact the "scratch" was a puncture that had not been taken care of and had turned into a bulging, swollen, white orb. However, again begging the excuse of new pug owners, Frank's people believed that the eye would get better.

No. It did not.

Thus began the adventures of Frank the One Eyed Pug. Or FOEP. It turns out not only did Frank need his "scratched" eye removed, but he had a cataract in his "good" eye (please excuse the excessive use of quotations, these were words used by the "breeder". FYI, if you are planning to buy a pug in Mashpee, feel free to e-mail for our input.

Aside from a bit of limited depth perception, Frank finds himself in quite a position to enjoy life, as many pugs do. Upon the removal of his cataract he can in fact see quite well and get into quite a lot of trouble. Though this blog has been created much for the amusement of his grandmother, I do hope that anyone who discovers enjoys the adventures of the little one eyed pug...

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katielovesmakeup said...

Hello Frank and Franks family,
I have a Fawn Pug called Elvis. Elvis has just had an op to remove his left eye. It was a real shock as Elvis was attacked by two dogs. I have been inspired by your blog that Elvis' future will be bright and hopefully just like Frank. I will refer to Elvis as EOEP in the future. Big hugs x
Katie and EOEP X